Jobless – Chapter 15

Translator: Yoshiro
Editor: Rumanshi

First Day of Lesson ⑤ – Reason for Strength


* Mars’s POV *


After some time passed,




The eyes of Elisha who was asleep slowly opened.


“Oh, you are awake?”



I wonder if his conscious has not totally returned yet?

Elisha was looking strangely at me.




Gradually from then on, Elisha seems to have became fully aware,


“….Ah, I see, I.. I was fighting with Mars…”

“Yeah. As promised, As serious as I can.”

“….If that was a real fight, not only would I not be able to fight normally, I would probably also have been killed by you…”


Elisha distorted his face with a vexing expression.

Tears appeared from those eyes.


“Why am I so weak?”


As if leaking out the words from his heart, Elisha spitted out his dissatisfaction.


“Even like this, I believed I have made great effect in it. To become stronger, I have been practising everyday since I started to be aware of my surrounds. But, the result was this.”


It was grief towards his own weakness.

They were words of people who recognize weakness as a sin.


“Mars, what can I do to become strong?”


Though towards Elisha who directs his sincere eyes to me,


“….I wonder. Maybe more training than what you have doing all along?”


A definite answer is something that I do not have.

The world is not fair enough to make things turn out well just by effort.

The students in the institute, of course, are still in the process of growing.

That’s why, though depending on effort, there is a possibility hidden away that Elisha could become stronger, not limited to any degree, most people would stop at a certain extent.

But, even then if you are going to aim the top, it’s inexcusable to stop yourself.


“It’s useless. I am already…. Just with effort, I can’t get stronger at all.”


Elisha was accumulating tears in his eyes.

That was to the point that it’s going to overflow right about now.

(…. What did he mean by not able to become stronger?)

The students here should naturally still have growth potential.

Though I feel doubt from his words,


“Mars, why are you so strong?”


Before I could speak of my doubt, the queries continued.


“Even if you ask me why”

“To tell you the truth, I think that your strength is abnormal. I feel that while having the body of the students here, you might have the power that is comparable or even higher than the instructor.”


How should I reply?

As a matter of course, I was also not strong from the beginning.

There was a person who would give the methods of combat to the me who has no knowledge of combat.

Aine, the master that taught me combat, luckily or unluckily, said that I have the talent to seek for survivability.

I absorbed desperately like a madman whatever Master Aine taught.

I became stronger to survive.

I was unable to not become stronger.

As I think I became stronger because having talent, environment and hard work all gathered together, if any of those factor was missing, it is likely there would not be the current me.

That’s why, if you ask why, then hard work being natural, I was blessed with the fortunate encounter and talent, which result in me becoming stronger.

That’s why,


“Above hard work and talent, because I can’t live on if I didn’t become that way, I can only become stronger.”


At the end of my consideration, I answered that way.

Elisha might not agree with such a vague answer.

Though that’s was what I thought,


“…I see…”


He nodded deeply.


“If you survive an environment where you will die if you don’t become stronger, you will naturally grow stronger. Yeah… That is certainly the truth. It seems like I am still naive. I should become even more serious.”


He took my words seriously, with his never-changing serious expression.


“Hey, can I also ask something?”

“? If it’s something I can answer.”


Though Elisha showed confusion from my words, he immediately answered.

From the conversation until now, I understand his feelings of wanting to turn stronger.



“Why do you want to grow stronger?”


Though it is weird to ask something like this to people in the Adventurer Training Institute, I felt that even within the students here, Elisha’s desire for strength is slightly more special.


“…. I need to make someone recognize that I have grown stronger.”


A serious and sincere look.

It is a pair of eyes that shows the nature of the person called Elisha, one with no lies.


“For that, I entered this institute. And then for the sake of my purpose, it is necessary for me to graduate with the high score in this institute. But, if this continues, it is impossible.”


Hesitating to talk about it, there was a short moment before,


“Seeing my body, what do you think?”


Suddenly, I was queried a question like this.


“What, you say…. Though a male, your stature is on the smaller side, i think.”


After observing Elisha’s body, I gave a direct opinion.

Towards my words, Elisha replied with a nod,


“….that’s true. Even if I trained, it’s difficult to put on more muscles, and when compared with other male students, my physique is clearly inferior. If I fight fairly, it won’t even be a match..”


As if he is always getting such experiences, Elisha distorted his face with a vexing expression.


“If every skill there is are equal, then that might have been the case. But, combat aren’t so straightforward that physical ability will create that winning tendency. If there are situations where we speak of prompt consideration and calm decision-making, being able to use magic or technical skill would result in a huge difference.”

“That’s why to make up for the my weakness, my physical ability, I learnt magic. Since before being admitted to this institute, I have piled up multiple magic related books to study and practise. That’s why till now, I have been able to fight somehow”

“Till now…..?”


I spoke of that weirdness I felt from the conversation.

What do you mean by “till now”?


“The me right now…. is unable to use magic.”


Though Elisha seems to be pretending to be answering indifferently, his body is, as if afraid of something, trembling――


“I am sorry for being late! Is your injury okay?”


And, the Sister flew into the medical office in great panic.

As it is, the Sister surveyed the surroundings.


“A, Are? However, a while ago, I heard that there was a person who had not woken up from unconsciousness from Raphie-san.”


Seems like Raphie have conveyed it exaggeratingly.


“… I am already awoke. I am fine.”


As Elisha said that, he raised himself up from the bed.


“I..Is that so? Is there any wound?”

“Nope. I am really fine. It seems to have been exaggeratedly conveyed. Sorry for the commotion.”

“… I see. If there are even any slight discomfort, please do call me anytime.”

“I got it. Thank you very much. Let’s go, Mars.”


Being called, I left the medical office alongside Elisha.


“Shall we return to class?”

“Yeah. Let’s return to take lessons.”


He shuts his mouth after saying that.

And then, without any particular things to talk about, we returned to the classroom.

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