Isekai Cheat – Volume 1 Chapter 8

Chapter 8: His departure

ーChapter 1 Ends

7th day of the seventh month, my birthday
I turned 10 years old

「Akatsuki, I will die tomorrow.
I have something to tell you」
「What is it, old man?」
「There’s a rank SSS+ dungeon in this country’s northeast named 『Mythology Forest』」
「Why is such a place there?」
「There are different monsters there.
I also went there and met 『Those Guys』…」
「Those Guys?」
「A dragon.
The name is 『Black Dragon Iskandar』.
That guy seems to be looking for a master to serve.
That’s why, I want you to be that guy’s master.
It was impossible for me
And there was a guy who was with Iskandar.
It’s name was 『Wolf God Arc』.
I want you to be it’s master too」
「I’m okay with it, but…」
「Also, Akatsuki, when will you depart?」
「After Old man dies」
「Then, I will also hand you this」

Then old man took this world’s money out of his item box

「That’s right.
That’s totalling 1 Billion.
Use it systematically」
「Got it」


The next day, Old man died.
The village chief held a funeral till the day ended.
When I came here, I was in their care.
I didn’t cry, but I was sad as expected.


「Well, then, I’ll be going」

I spoke to the house where no one is in
I felt sad that I was becoming teary, but I steeled myself
Now, should we go?
The destination is 『The eastern frontier’s town Talca』