Isekai Cheat – Volume 1 Chapter 7

Chapter 7: New moon

I turned 9 years old
My height is close to 135 cm
Today is an important day of the year for me.
This is what old man was talking about.
Old man, is about to die in a year.
That’s why I want to cherish this year.
Then, after old man dies, I’ll be leaving this village.
Lastly, I’ll be making equipment to leave the village
I will first make a sword
I created a different space to make an equipment
In addition, I used 【Time magic】to mess with time, it feels one year inside yet only a moment passed outside
The result, it took me half year inside time to finish the sword
Also, I did it without taking rest
Still, I think I made more than enough with this.

Then the finished sword was applied with 【Endowment Magic】, and I carved Original Endowment Magic 【Word Endowment ー Word Enchant】

The katana has a length of 2 Shaku and 4 Sun (TN: Metric: 72.725cm, English: 28.632inch)
A straight finish
I named this sword [New Moon] and I was attached to it

I used the remaining neo-metal to make armor and clothes
The skin of black dragon was used.

My equipment was set
[New Moon] SSS+

HP absorb
MP absorb
Concept (Cutting)
Concept (Decapitation)


[Neo Metal Series] SSS+

Temperature Management
Physical Attack Nullification
Magical Attack Nullification