Isekai Cheat – Volume 1 Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Neo Metal

I turned 8 years old

「《Space Creation ー Create Spaceー》」

I tried to experiment in the different space
I thought I’ve never made a high class metal using my skill 【Metal Fusion and Fission】
Because I all materials in 1000 unit tons, there’s no fear in failure

Judging from the conclusion, it was a half success
First, I tried to separate the impurities, but surprisingly, all of it has a 100 purity
I feel I understood the true reason of old man saying those words

Then I fused them
I tried to make a joke and used extremely rare materials like 『Adamantite』, 『Scarletite』, 『Orichalcum』, and 『Mithril』, and created a fearful metal
I checked the result with a skill, and it seems it was an unknown metal until now
Then, I named the metal 『Neo Metal』
Anyway, the characteristic of neo metal is it’s reasonably flexible yet hard.
In addition, it’s easy to pass magic power
All of the strength of the metal had been fused
In addition, it’s also strong in physics magic.
That’s all I know.
I promised not to give anyone this metal
In addition, I made a promise to never tell anyone.