Isekai Cheat – V1C2

Chapter 2: Predecessor and Study
I was taught by my predecessor various stuffs
First, I decided to ask about the surrounding things

『Where is this?』
『This is Touale village in the border of Daoruku Kingdom』

Daoruku Kingdome , Touale Village
That’s the place where I reincarnated.
I wonder what kind of social position I have in this place
Should I ask about it

『What is my social position in this place?』
『You, I declared you as my grandchild before you were one year old』
you can call me 『Grandfather』』
『Is there such thing as ID? No?』
『There is.
your identification will be given by the church when you get 1 year old.
In a village without a church, it can be taken from the house of village chief.
You’ll be getting it within three days』
『I see.
Well, I’m not a resident here, what should I do』
『You should be okay.
I used magic to tamper memories.
It will not be exposed, I can deal with it with my magic, so you don’t need to worry』
『I see. Then tell me about other stuff』
『Well then.
First of all…』

Old man taught me the basics carefully and clearly
First, 1 year in Avalon is 360 days, 1 day is 24 hours, 1 hour is 60 minutes, 1 minute is 60 seconds
There is no leap year, one month was the same in the previous world which is around 30 days
On the other note, you’ll be regarded as adult when you’re 15 years old.
The time was already past midnight when the explanation already finished.

『I’ll sleep, I’ll wake up after resting』

Then, me and the old man slept.