Isekai Cheat – V1 Setting


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Setting Introduction

『Concept』……The root of all
It is the existence of everything.

Avalon…A『World』that was created by Juno who’s responsible in controlling the world.
Earth’s literature has been adopted
In addition, it has a status system just like a game .
Anyway, it’s big.

Skills…normal and unique. People with unique Skill are rare
Those with special skill are even rarer.
As for level; with the exception of 【Limit break】, the highest is 15

If you have talent, it would be expressed as a normal ability

Unique skill…It’s exclusively one per person, (It’s possible for a protagonist to learn all)

Special Skills…can be either hereditary or inherited, it’s a skill developed since born.
There are holders of it other than heredity too (It’s possible for a protagonist to learn all)
In addition, anything is strong, but the hereditary thing loses its performance than the inherited because the ability is developed.

Magic…if you have magical power, you can use it
Other than the basic Attribute magic, there’s also magic which doesn’t have attribute, such as no attribute magic or the summoning magic.
There’s general purpose magic, and Unique magic.

General purpose magic…Basic attribute and non-attribute magic are included

Unique Magic…Magic that is a part of a person.
Everyone has a strong power
Generally, one has something like a defense for the resistance from various things.

All Derivation…  Ability to derive from skill and defense

Title…  A case where people are called by the system and is attached to them.
In the case of the former, it is revised a few by status.