Isekai Cheat – Prologue Part 03


Prologue 03

「How is it? Do you remember?」

 The woman asked me.


I see, I died that time.

「Yeah, I remembered。But, I don’t know the reason why I am here.」

I told the woman. The woman said that she expected it.

「You’ll be given a task you need to accept」

Task. I don’t understand. Why is the dead me given a task? Besides, the woman keeps saying task this or task that, who the hell is she? I can only ask. That’s why I continued the conversation.

「It is just, you know? I want to ask if it’s necessary for me to be called here? If so, what use do I have? Also, I don’t know who you are.」

「Certainly, that is right. I haven’t explained anything so far. I’m about to explain right now, this might be a bit long, are you okay with it?」




In summary,

I’ll be reincarnated, that’s what she told me.

Moreover, instead of the usual reincarnation, my figure will be the same. No, don’t misunderstand. I will be sent to that world as a small child. My foster parents will be a certain acquaintance.

With that, I will be reincarnated, the woman told me as such. The identity of the woman is the connection for my reincarnation. Whether why was I reincarnated, when will I be reincarnated, and my abilities.

The woman’s identity is “Concept”. It seems she’s the one who governs the “World”. Other types of the woman is “Sun” and “Life”

As to why I have to be reincarnated, there’s some

First, when I left the world, I lost my original strength.

Second, in order to believe there is “Concept”

Third, in order to determine the aptitude towards “Concept” and materialize it.

Fourth, for fun.

I will be reincarnated because of these four reasons. By the way, my memories will be kept on my reincarnation

Now then, can I materialize the “Concept”? While thinking that, apparently I can. That “Concept” only. However, the vessel is the exact same, it seems that only a single  “Concept” is possible.

Apparently, I have that special “Concept”, and only one person has managed to materialize that “Concept”, which means, no one else can materialize it.

And that was the explanation of “Concept” I think.

“Concept” is, the origin and law of all things that exist.

In other words, if there’s no “Concept” nothing exists, no, even “Nothing” won’t exist.

“Concept” is the explanation of the very existence itself now and it seems that existence that is broken up into finely divided pieces are governed by these girls

No then, since I have to make a “Concept”, I need to make a clear image of the “Concept” I’m materializing.

First, the “Concept” I will make is,


That is to see everything, not to obtain. But because I will be born with this ability, it is possible for me to see everything in one look, and to sublimate.

Then, the “Concept” I will materialize is,


Existence is the origin of concept, which is responsible for all.

The strongest ability that can use the full power of “concept”

“All” and “Existence”

I’m like a bug……..(TN: Computer Bug)



「Well, do you understand now??」

「Yes, I did.」

「Is that so? Then, let’s begin the succession ceremony!」


Author’s note:

Thank you very much for reading.

We have finally put out the useless setting.

Also, “Concept” is something I made , it is different from the actual meaning