Isekai Cheat Arc 1 Chapter 1

第1話 転生

Episode 1: Reincarnation

(Who’s this old man?)


I don’t know how much time has passed since I lost my consciousness, but the old man is just staring at me


(Seriously, who’s this old man?)

『I, I am your foster parent』

(He heard my mind? Moreover, I didn’t even let out a voice.)


『【True Eyes】 effect and【Perfect Learning】skill. I used the effect of 【Perfect Learning】skill to understand. And with【Perfect Learning】skill combined with【Mind reading】I can use【Telepathy】』


(So that’s why. You’re using a telepathy skill, for now let’s give it a try)


『Gramps, can you hear me?』

『I can』

『I see.』


 It seems like we can use telepathy. The thoughts go straight into my head. It’s probably the effect of 【Perfect Learning】.

But, it’s no good if i don’t check the current situation. For now, let’s listen to this old man.


『Gramps, earlier you said that you’re my foster parent right? Do you know that woman?』


『That’s right. I’m will be the one to foster you, also what do you want to ask about Yuno?』(TN: can also be read as Juno of the roman mythology)


『That’s the name of the woman you’re thinking of』

『I know her but I hadn’t heard it from her.』

『I see. I shall introduce myself first. My name is Alfred Alpha, the former “Existence”』

『Former, you?』

『That’s right』

『Why is a predecessor here?』

『I am here to instruct my successor various things and when you’re grown, I will disappear. It may be for a short time, but best regards, Akatsuki』

『Ah, yeah, best regards.』


Apparently, I will be taught by my predecessor a lot of things.


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