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Due a strange goddesses obsession with the protagonist, he has lived many previous lives.  Not only this, but he has spent time in heaven and hell.  In his…   Okay, let’s just say ‘next’,  life the protagonist must finally face the insanity of the goddess head on.  Just what situation has she gone and put him in now?!?

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Chapter 1.5
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
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Chapter 5
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Chapter 9
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Volume 2, Prologue (1)
Volume 2, Prologue (2)
Volume 2, Chapter 1
Volume 2, Chapter 2 
Volume 2, Chapter 3
Volume 2, Goddess (1)
Volume 2, Chapter 4
Volume 2, Chapter 5
Volume 2, Goddess (2)
Volume 2, History (1)
Volume 2, Chapter 6
Volume 2, Goddess (3)
Volume 2, Chapter 7
Volume 2, Chapter 8
Volume 2, Zana (Part 1)
Volume 2, Chapter 9
Volume 2, Chapter 10
Volume 2, Chapter 11
Volume 2, Lumi (1)
Volume 2, Chapter 12
Volume 2, Chapter 13
Volume 2, Chapter 14
Volume 2, Chapter 15
Volume 2, Chapter 16
Volume 2, Chapter 17
Volume 2, Chapter 18
Volume 2, Chapter 19
Volume 2, Chapter 20
Volume 2, Chapter 21
Volume 2, Chapter 22
Volume 2, Chapter 23
Volume 2, Chapter 24
Volume 2, Chapter 25
Volume 2, Chapter 26

117 thoughts on “THWAFG

  1. exqalph03

    oh~! This is currently good! Well, I like it… Though I don’t know in the future as the development and what-not maybe bring me unknown feelings…. will it be good or bad~? We will see, kukukuku…~!


      1. Ramnath Teja

        Rumanshi Ichigo you sir deserve a cookie …when i am reading i dint know this is original web novel, it had quite the jap light novel effect which is ‘awesome’ and when you put a HAREM into it. i am all in pal. Keep up the good work and please add echi with it

        Liked by 1 person

      2. :)

        Hello, I’ve just only reach chapter 3. So please forgive me if I say anything wrong.

        First, I would like to say that I’m impressed you’re writing web novels and I admire your courage.

        Second, I would like to make a few observations that I’m quite curious about.

        1) It seems that there are a lot of inner dialogue. Is it really necessary for there to be so many? Especially it’s just to bring 1 point across. I think a max of 2 analogies should be more than enough. Beyond that, it actually gets quite tiring. In a movie/anime/tv series/real conversation it might actually be ok (perhaps funny depending on the facial expression). But in written form (words), it passes off as if the author is using ‘stuff’ to give it substance where there is none. Sorry if it sounds offensive, but I’m really just giving, what I hope to be, constructive suggestions.

        2) From what I’ve gathered, the main character (mc) should have gone through many reincarnations including going thru heaven & hell. Considering he has so many years (probably hundreds) worth of lifetime and experiences, why is his inner dialogue (it shows his way thinking) so immature? It’s pretty much on the level of a typical anime 3rd yr middle sch to 1st yr high sch student (age 15-16). It would be a more plausible if you’re able to show that his mature thoughts (thru his inner dialogue is fine). But I am very sure a person of a few hundred years old would not be thinking like the way he is doing now (as of chapter 3).

        3) Are you using a speech to text program?
        a) If so, I would suggest you take a look through it or check through before posting. The programs usually can’t tell the difference between ‘their’ and ‘there’. Chapter 1.5 has errors there.
        b) If you are using speech to text, I can understand the long inner dialogue (1). As I’ve written, it’s find if it is used in an actual conversing situation. But in words, it is very repetitive and unnecessary.

        Well, those are just my honest personal opinions. I don’t mean any harm. Use them or disregard them as you see fit because I understand there will always be a “writer’s personal style” and I do not want to force any style on you.
        I wish you all the best and may your writing skills become better as you write more interesting and better novels. 🙂

        Having said/written all that, I’m still keep reading it. For the moment, I’m interested in how the story develop. 😀


  2. GageCoalbrace

    this is really good usually don’t read many original english web novels and this has not only caught my interest but makes me want to help in some way


  3. Moonspike has a link at the bottom of the page to enroll in there poll. This could be a good way to bring in a larger audience.


      1. naleastie

        lol good idea.. I mean, you have some demanding viewers out there when it comes to harems..

        I was simply curious when I started to read the story, so I did not have any expectations but for some reasons the characters are clear and predictable to some extent (the king, elder sister). The MC has been reincarnated many times, so he’s definitely disillusioned but still not feeling down. The story’s “filter” is neutral, transparent : the character does what he feels is good to do, without wondering too much. This is fine for a beginning!

        Liked by 1 person

  4. randomdude

    I read the 14 chapters and liked them. Just for information, do you post new chapters on fixed intervals or randomly?


    1. Rumanshi Ichigo Post author

      Hi, thanks for reading (and liking)! I try to post a chapter a weak, at least once every seven days right now. I’m going to try and get better at keeping a better schedule which updates more often as well! But, there are occasional random posts ^.^


      1. randomdude

        Thanks for the info. I would like to highlight that chapter 14 is not being displayed under /thwafg page. Also clicking next chapter after chapter 5 says page not found. These problems aren’t troublesome at all though. Keep up the good work.


  5. just passing by

    many this was good read for those who like tsundere character(s?) and having weak willed, and weakling MC who was easily pushed around by girls here and there but sadly for me i find it annoying ,
    thanks for the story though i’m not continuing, sorry to say this but i really find it annoying or maybe this isn’t just for me 😦


    1. Rumanshi Ichigo Post author

      Haha, sorry. I didn’t think the MC was actually that pushable, but I guess it might seem like that. ~-~ Don’t worry, I wouldn’t write another tsundere character anyway… I don’t like them ;-;


  6. Tom

    I was getting bored of OP for no reason MC reincarnation stories, this is a nice change of pace. I’m really looking forward to see where this goes.

    Though I do feel like you should have either left out his last cause of death or expounded on it. ‘Cause I really want to know why he was betrayed.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. just passing by

      well though most are not a reincarnation stories if you want a not OP MC’s(at the start of the story) you should try xianxia/(wuxia?) novels, most MC at the start got to be called a trash or had been crippled, deceived, deprived, looked down upon, used, and was out of placed, etc..

      it’s up to you to decide,
      since it’s up to your taste not mine to like or dislike stories..


  7. Ururrak

    I’m loving the series so far. The goddess sending the mc to a world in which his soul will be lost upon death seems odd. I look forward to the reveal as to why she would do that. 😄


  8. Mahe0

    Sry for double posting.
    Some comments:

    I found it very odd regarding the MC being inexperienced in 18+ stuff despite having many reincarnation and that perhaps this reincarnation might be different from all the other reincarnation seeing how it is heading towards harem.

    Either way, this curious feeling is one of the point that made the novel interesting to read xD


  9. loshi1505

    hmm…. I feel like it’d be a good idea to put rating on every summary page… like I need to know if it’s R-18 or PG-13 to know when to prioritize reading it. :p


      1. uberfridgeking

        That was a very ninja chapter. I only found out about it by looking through last few weeks of posts. Oh gods ninja monsters……that’s just mean.


  10. CowardlyClown

    A Question. If you don’t want to answer that’s fine as well. Will this be a Tragedy? Ever since i read and watched fucked up things i always check beforehand.


      1. CowardlyClown

        Thank God! Well without further ado i will start my reading! Thanks for the reply!


    1. Rumanshi Ichigo Post author

      So, I’ve been trying to set up a schedule. Currently, it’s been I write –> I post.

      In the next month, I intend to make up for my failure to keep up with a steady schedule by posting twice a week, doing the chapter a little early in order to quickly proofread it.

      If you have any other questions, feel free. 🙂


  11. Eternia

    Keep up the good work writing this fine story! ❤
    Loving the characters and their development, can't wait to read about how the lil angel will cause some havoc for the MC. ^_^
    Btw, the SS links and V2 ch1 link are not working on the table of content.

    Cheers and happy writing!


  12. DoodTensei

    You can put it in Royal Road I just found out about that website and it has awesome harem stories like blackthone, sole survivor, axe of the north, and more that I can’t name.


    1. DoodTensei

      Nevermind what I said about putting this on RR just read all 20 chaps. Just keep your work on WP. Reasons why is the fact your MC is a puppet for a goddess. And is always gets pushover by every single side character in the story so far and makes ilogical choices. Really avoid RR because you will get shit ton of hate for your story. Well good luck with your story dood. HEE-HOO


      1. Rumanshi Ichigo Post author

        Hate is something easily dealt with.

        If that’s what you think about Fei and the Goddess, then you are welcome to, however that’s not exactly the relationship between them.

        MC is pretty dumb, huh?


      2. DoodTensei

        Oh snap you replied. Dood thanks nobody ever replies.Thanks dood. But all I see is the goddess looks at him as entertainment and moves him however she feels like it. That is just how I see it dood. Keep up the work hee-hoo.


  13. uberfridgeking

    I don’t think the MC is dumb, I can see some of his choices being a “tad” impulsive and not well thought out. A good example being trusting the fairy that is practicing forbidden magix. It is understandable why he did so considering the amulet he has is a stopgap for his condition at best. But he could have thought it out a bit more. Most of the time he actually has good decision making processes and strives to better himself and its pretty awesome to see how it progresses. I also think he is quite lucky enough to know who exactly to curse went his life goes side ways.


  14. luislock

    Any updates on THWAFG? Cause you missed the prologue and today’s the day you wanted to release ch 1. Did something happen?


      1. luislock

        Lol, as a gamer I can’t get mad even if I wanted to. It’s all good. Just excited for your work.


  15. RAGDE1999

    I have just read the story and I find it very interisting, I can’t wsit to see how will it develop. I have a few things to said to the author (DON’T WORRY THEY ARE ALL GOOD OPINIONS, I DON’T LIKE TO CRITICIZE A GENIUS, LOL)
    Fisrt) a very good story and plot, when I was reading the story I could feek the emotions of each character, and let me tell you that not all the authors can do that, you hace a talent doing this.
    Second) Will you continue writting this amazing story? Because it will be a pain if it suddenly stop been updating.
    Third) Where can I make a donation? I read that if someone donates $10 will be 4 chapters per month and for each $10 extra an extra chapter; I would like to know in order to support you and continue seeing this amazing story.


    1. Rumanshi Ichigo Post author

      You mean after V2C1? In the next week, V2C2, V2C3 and V2C4 are all due. I’ll try and keep this page updated, but you can always just check out the front page for releases of things.

      I’ve fixed up this page for V2C1 now.



    Hey! Hey!
    Hellow Rumanshi Ichigo-dono! 😊
    If I am not wrong the month is almost over 😌
    And you promise to update 4 chapters per month, plus the 3 new chapters that you “will” update this week 😑


    1. Rumanshi Ichigo Post author

      V2C3 will be out when I get home. V2Goddess (1) will be out after it’s finished completely, as will V2C4. V2G1 and V2C4 will be completed tonight, I think.


      1. wildhorse99

        I commented on a few chapters about missing links and such… those really just make going from one chapter to another easier. (Suggesting just trying the link after you post just to make sure they work fine…. or double check that there are links.)


      2. Rumanshi Ichigo Post author

        It’s really not me that’s breaking the links, it’s wordpress sometimes not updating or lagging so I mistype things. I double check the links most of the time, unless I’m in a rush.


  17. Squinton

    I haven’t seen anything since the last chapter about Lumi. Not even any comments since back in March. Is everything alright? Have you just been busy lately? Or is the project on hold?


      1. Squinton

        Thanks for letting me know! I found your site randomly while searching the web, and ended getting pretty interested in your stories. Actually, I was kind of sad after checking back a few times and not seeing any updates, so I’m looking forward to catching up again.


  18. Dan

    This is good!
    I’d agree with some other commentators that the interior dialogue bits might be a bit on the lengthy side, but otherwise excellent. It’s nice to read something like this where the protagonist isn’t totally over-powered (cough… smartphone… cough).
    Good work, keep it up!


  19. dualsword88

    Are you gonna put an entry in novelupdates for this series?
    I often use novelupdates to track new relase on for my novel reading list



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