Din No Monshou – Chapter 4 (A)

Let’s just put this on this site as well… Hehe.

Raising the Dead Backup Site

So, I decided to do it like this because I’m unsure of a few things in my own life at the moment.   So, do you guys prefer the format from before, or how I’ve done it now?

Translator:  Rumanshi

Click my name for my blog.   I work on writing original English stuff, which isn’t why my translating takes so long…  I write them on my phone mostly.

Without further ado, Part A of Chapter 4.

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Another Web Novel – When Desires Aren’t Realised

Let me direct you over to RoyalRoad, with my Original Web Novel ‘When Desires Aren’t Realised’.  It’s about a guy who finds himself in a different world, however the situation is not as he wished it to be.   The name’s meaning is basically that when your desires aren’t realised, you need to make them happen yourself.  I hope people go and read it.  Hehe~

Voyage to Venus 1 of 2

A short sci-fi tale of a crew on a ship where things heat up one day on their trip. I lost sleep to this, please read/yell at Rumanshi for working me so hard. I agree that there could be extra dialogue in some parts, but I admit I got tired.  The other part will be available within a month or two. Otherwise, I hope you enjoy and check out my blog for stories of all kinds! Thanks.

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