Other World’s Monster Breeder – Chapter 36

Translator:  Rumanshi
Helpers:  Yoshiro, Osura

Task assignment

“…..This is bad. The food which was going to be given to Carolina has been stolen.”

“No. Don’t mind it. Putting that aside, master, isn’t there an injury somewhere?” (Y: “do you happen to be injured?”)

“Ah. I didn’t get injured somehow.”

If I’m forced to speak about it, at the beginning when avoiding the flame I got scratched, but a wound to this extent should heal even if I leave it alone.

“No. From master’s arm, I can smell the scent of flowing (lit: new) blood. Perhaps you did more than just grazed your left arm around here? If it’s alright, may I treat the wound?”

“…… I give up. Carolina can see through anything.”

When I rolled up the sleeve of my shirt to show the wound, Carolina tore up a handkerchief in replacement of a bandage and applied first aid treatment.

“It isn’t a big deal. For generations, vampires have been sensitive to the smell of blood.”

I, who heard the words of Carolina, had an idea flash in my head.

“Hey. If Carolina is sensitive to the smell of blood, is it not possible for her to trace the scent of the wolf which was stolen by the cockatrice just a little while ago?”
“…..That’s so, isn’t it? I remember the smell completely, so I don’t think it’s impossible. I think I will be able to smell fresh blood from a distance of even 200 meters away.”

My biggest concern when taking this quest was how we would track down the cockatrice.

If I can get a clue on information of the target’s location, I believe we can be closer towards the cockatrice subjugation, without doubt.

“Thank you. It was the right decision to befriend Karo.”

At this point in time, I had succeeded in creating a rough strategy for defeating the cockatrice.

In order for the this times strategy to work, another person is needed at any cost.

“A~a. It would have been nice if only some goddess would have been as useful as Caro.”
I let out a sigh while saying words in order to provoke Aphrodite.

“Haa!? Wait a minute, Souta! Those words right now are inexcusable!”

Likely have been irritated from the tone of making fun of her.
Aphrodite rebutted while rocking both her ripe and drooping breasts.

“Just give me some work to do!  I’ll prove it, that even I am helpful to Souta!”

“Okay. Though there is a job I want you to do….. Such dangerous work…… By no means can it be entrusted to a girl.”

“Fufun. Could you stop belittling me? Even if I lost all my powers by coming down to the surface, I am a Goddess, you know? I can do anything if it’s for Souta!”

“Alright, you’ll really do anything? Can I take that as a promise?”


By the way.
I got Aphrodite’s consent and I was able to secure one of the necessary cards.

After the cockatrice is located, the preparations to defeat it will have been made.

“Hey, Sheryl. There is something I want to ask you to make in a bit, is it okay to ask you?”

Ah, yez. If there iz anything myzelf can do.”

As I work out a plan to defeat the cockatrice, I swear to take revenge on that hateful bird-dragon.

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