Other World’s Monster Breeder – Chapter 30


I, having returned to the hotel, decide to open up my status screen.

Kazuya – Souta

Occupation: Monster Trainer
Level: 557
Vitality: 252
Attack Power: 95
Magic Power: 200

Mana: 2898

Divine Protection

Absolute control

Capsule Ball, Appraisal Eyes, Demon combination, contact

Carolina – Burton
Goblin Knight x15
Wolf x 4
Light Marsh x8
Amoeba Slug x2

Although my level hadn’t risen as usual, a new skill had been added.

Contact – Class D – Passive
(A skill which enables mental communication with enslaved/employed demons. The effective scope is within a radius 50 metres of the user.)

Acquisition condition

More than 100 mana.
Employ/Enslave a monster who uses the skill.

Speaking of it, isn’t that thing more generally known as telepathy?
It is certain from the written explanation that it is considerably convenient skill.
If I am not mistaken from the written explanation stated there, it’s considerably a convenient skill.

I decide to try using the skill to contact Aphrodite and Carolina as a trial.

(Hey, hey. Right now I’m in the middle of testing my new skill. I seem to have learned a telepathy skill, if you hear me, please respond in your mind.)

The moment after I use my skill ‘contact’.
I comprehend that the two bodies relaxing on the bed react with a *Pikun*.

(Eh? No way? I am hearing Souta’s words in my head?)

(Impressive! It’s possible now to talk with master for 24 hours!)

Although they were surprised, Aphrodite and Carolina who received my messaged seemed impressed with my new skill.

I decide to continue inspecting the contact skill for a while.

How should I say… It’s as I expected.
At first impression the skill is convenient.

As an important note, in the end if it’s not via me then the Contact skill can’t be used isn’t.

In brief, I don’t seem to be able to use it in combinations such as other monsters and Aphrodite or Carolina.

Even considering that, there’s no doubt that it’s a useful skill.

Especially as the skill contact is usable for beings inside the capsule ball.

From the point of view of the females in the ball, they have benefit of having the possibility of demanding things anytime they like

After the inspection of the contact skill was over, it is now time for the combination of monsters.
Due to me recklessly going on gathering missions, the things i have to do has piled up into a mountain pile.
I use 《Demon Combination》 and look for a pair whom I can evolve.

Then 10 minutes later.
It seems there is only 1 possible demon evolution as follows.

Mad Marsh / Class: F
Encyclopedia # 732
Race: Plant tribe
Class: D
Level 1
Vitality 35
Attack Power: 10
Magic power: 25
Mana: 25

Numbing powder, disorder powder

Evolution condition
Light Marsh x Amoeba Slug

Low ranked monster of the plant tribe.
It’s strong point is it’s spore which makes the other party sexually excited.
The spore may be traded at a high price as it a material in an aphrodisiac.

The mad marsh seems to be a monster I can create by adding an Ameoba Slug to a Light Marsh.

A new skill ‘Disorder powder’ was added to the entry.

Disorder powder / Class: D
(Long Distance – Ranged attack. Skill which puts the other party into a sexually excited state.)

Uh-huh. I see.
Sexually excited state…. Is it something like that?!

I think I need a quick inspection of this skill.

When the Mad Marsh was made using the Demon Combination skill, I decided to summon it into the room.

“Noko~! Nokono~!”

Mad marsh has a colour that is similar to Light marsh.
Other than the change in colour from yellow to pink, the difference in outer appearance cannot be seen.
If I have to state the difference, then is the mushroom umbrella slightly bigger ?

“Hey! Souta! You made a new monster again”

Aphrodite who discovered the Mad Marsh which was summoned is approaching with great interest.

“Still it’s convenient~. The demon combination skill. You can make a strong monster even if you only have this skill! In other words, the day when we can subdue the demon king and I can return to the heavens isn’t too far way!”

Aphrodite who came out from the bath with a bathrobe on, defenceless *Tsun Tsun*prod the mad marsh with her finger

To inspect the skills effect – NOW IS THE PERFECT TIMING!

(Mad Marsh! Use Disorder Power!)

Just now, I noticed a serious fact.
Right after Aphrodite use the skill Contact, I gave a command to the mad marsh in less than a minute.

In short, to say what significance it has….
The combo of using Contact and disorder powder, the perfect crime of sexual harassment has been established.
The mad marsh who received my order spew out pink spores from it’s orange hat.

“Cho!? What is this?! This powder?!”

“Nuo-! This pore…..It came towards me…..!”

I was careless.
どうやらマッドマッシュの持っていた乱れ粉のスキルは、痺れ粉よりも攻撃範囲が格段に広いものであったらしい。 The Mad Marshes skill ‘Disorder Powder’ seems to have a remarkably larger attack range than numbness powder somehow or another.

The inside of the room has become filled with the pink spore–.

As a result, I myself inhale some of the spore through my nose and mouth.

“Huh? …..A little…..My body is a little hot…..”

The first one to become abnormal was Aphrodite.

Aphrodite who received the dispersing spores at point blank range, gave *powapowa * an enchanted expression

“…..Souta. My body’s…. Something is strange.”

Aphrodite throws off the bathrobe she put on and reveals her underwear and figure.

Th-this is the effect of the Sexual excitement state!? (Ru: Yahooo!)

As for myself, my body is funny.
My body felt hot*Pokapoka* as though I had just drank a strong nourishment drink and Aphrodite’s body gradually looked like it became more and more erotic.
Thinking calmly, Aphrodite’s erotic body is not the origin…..

“Please. Souta…… I can only hold on for a short while…..

Aphrodite pushes my body down on the bed with her breath roughening.

Her face is so near that a sigh would touch.
Before long, Aphrodite slowly brings her face near my lips–.

“…..What are you doing? Aphrodite-san”

As I thought I heard a voice filled with killing intent, a huge amount of cold water poured onto Aphrodite’s head.

“Did this make you wake up?”

“Ha~. The heck am I doing……?”

Aphrodite suddenly came to her sense due to the cold water and seeing me asks.

“J-just a minute, Souta! Don’t look at me like this!”

Aphrodite who realized that she was straddling me in her underwear, jumped off from the bed and use her hands to cover her body.
“This is wrong! How do say… I was possessed by an evil spirit…. Anyway, because I’m something like Souta’s possession, I do not like these sort of paltry things as well. Do not think in a weird way!”

After bursting out those words, Aphrodite panicky dashes back into the bathroom.

As for Caroline who was spectating this scene all the while, she gave me a cold gaze.

(That female cat…… Making passes at my demon king……! Kill. Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill.)

“…..Etto. That. Carolina-san?”

“Yes. What is it, Master?”

(Not good. How thoughtless of me…. I must control my feelings…..)

Carolina looks back at me with an exceptional bi-shojou (beautiful girl) smile.

How extraordinary.
It appears somehow or another that through this contact skill, it seems like I had heard a part of Carolina’s thoughts that was leaked out.

But even so, why did Carolina called me Demon king?

“Etto. Well, now we know that cold water is effective against the skill of the mad marsh.”

“Yes. I know the countermeasure well as Mad Marshes would occasionally appear in the village I lived in previously.”

“I-is that so. I’ll use it as a reference.

“By the way Souta-sama. When inspecting a skill, couldn’t you use me? Because I’m different from Aphrodite, I won’t run away even if I’m ashamed.


In spite of using the contact skill–.
Carolina seems to have come out after finding out I gave the order for the Mad Marsh to use its skill.

“……Ah. I’ll think about it.”

I wonder why.
If it was just a little while ago, it would be a line I would be jumping for joy at, but now I can’t even rejoice obediently.

I who has become aware of Carolina’s malicious true character after a while.
I spent the night being unable to fall asleep.

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