Other Worlds Monster Breeder – Chapter 19

A new companion

“W-what? You…? You’re the adventurer from before?”

The man became angry when I disturbed his sexual harassment of the girl.

The overweight, middle-aged man’s face warped into an angry expression.

“Adventurer’s appearance? You have something to say to me, yes?”

“O, onii-san……”

I look at the girl. She is looking towards me with a frightened look.

I have a complaint!

It’s only permitted to lick a little girl in the 2-D world!
Because there are people like you, Japanese manga is regulated.

It creates a chain of grief and sorrow.

“Listen to what I’m saying! Are you ignoring me-?!

The middle-aged man pulls the sword from his waist.
Without hesitation, he tries to cut me.

In an instant, I summon a Goblin Knight.
The Goblin Knight uses his whole body to protect me from the middle-aged man.

“What. You……You were a monster tamer?”

Yeh, right.
Apparently the occupation of monster tamer is notable in Adelheide.

However, the middle-aged man can move quite spritely in spite of his size.

The Goblin Knight is my best fighter currently, but he’s going to take serious damage from the middle-aged man.

“I’m not afraid of you! Seize the adventurer! You’ll be sorry a monster tamer tried to go against me!“

“Ha…..!” x3

Having heard the instructions, the middle-aged man’s subordinates pull out their swords and rush towards me.

“Goblins! Protect me!”

I gradually summon the goblins; 2 goblin, 3 goblin, 4 goblin…
15 goblin knights appear within the street.

“What?” x3

Even I would be frightened when there were so many enemies.
The men slam on the brakes, stopping their approach.

I don’t miss this chance.
I give orders for my Goblin Knights to attack.

I have the enemy outnumbered.
The Goblin Knights attack and the men grovel in response to the surprise attack.

“You’ve gone too far! Follow my instructions and withdraw the monsters! Otherwise, I’ll cut this little girl’s neck.”

“O, onii-san……

I was careless.
The man’s subordinates distracted me and my judgement was impaired.

The fat, middle-aged man captured the apple-selling girl and has a proud air.

“I understand. I’ll listen. But I have one condition”

“Huh…? A condition…?”

The man’s face becomes questioning.

“In exchange take this guy for me”

“Hmm. What’s this…?”

Because I threw it in a large arc, I was able to catch him off guard very well.

The fat man catches the capsule ball that I threw in the air.

“I caught it!”

However, it was the trap I had set!

“W-What!? This light!?”

The fat man raised a cry just after.
The capsule ball which I threw emits a dazzling light and the fat man’s body gets sucked in.

Now, what to do with the middle-aged man in my small capsule ball.

“Hey! What is this place!? Let me out! Get me out of here quickly! Don’t blame me for whatever happens!”

The fat man knocked on the wall from the inside of the ball. His face becoming deep-red from the exertion.

I survived a difficult situation this time somehow.

A fat, middle-aged man! Get!

Enslaved Monster Data

Bakuraja Ackerman

Occupation Slave Trader

Level 18
Vitality 45
Strength 52
Magic 32
Mana 25

Assasin’s Dagger of the Slaughter, Fire Elemental Magic (Beginner), Water Elemental Magic (Beginner)

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  2. GM_Rusaku

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  3. cdalgorta

    Mmm… A fat middle-aged man that attacks little girls… I guess he can be useful for experimentation? Yes… At least that’s the only use he would have for me… I would get rid of him later of course… The corpse I mean 😀
    Thank you for the chapter 🙂


  4. spoilerproof

    thanks for the chapter~
    wouldn’t that guy see the vampire girl? or are there unlimited number of balls that he can choose to imprison any number of tamed beings within the limit of his skill?


  5. Dragon Commander

    This is going to make things complicated given he just did that in public. Even if no one but the apple girl saw it, that guy is a well know public figure. If he disappears people will start looking for him


  6. Eternal perspective

    Me seriously wondering wtf just happened ,

    A middle aged man lewding a loli, mc speaks to stop it


    They attack mc and mc summons monsters to fight


    He takes girl hostage and asks mc to surrender


    Mc throws the pokeball and catches the villian, even declaring bad fat middleagedman gett

    Wtf like is this gonna end up with him catching anything practically for no reason? And the maid is in there so won’t u get caught. Isn’t it more normal to capture the girl to save her rather than the bad guy???! And why the hevk does he catch it and say i caught it


  7. kodakam

    This is not a capture to be proud of to be sincere. But since Souta likes so much to fusion his
    monsters, I think he’ll find an interesting mix to do with this slave trader.



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