Other Worlds Monster Breeder – Chapter 11

The captive vampire maid

On the other hand, during the same time when Souta is using the goblins to gather medicinal grass.
There is a demon dashing through Gassur forest.

The name of the girl is Caroline Button.
If it’s a guy, anyone would turn their heads towards this voluptuous, silver haired red eyed bishoujo.

300 years before now, Adelheid (change that as you like) gained hegemony, it is the generic name for the race that put humanity under its control.

It is said that demons who held great power sometimes defeat divine beings.
Both of them have had a standoff for a long time.

“Kuso! Wait! This Vampire!”

Caroline was being finished off by numerous men who are holding weapons.

Saintbell which was visited by Souta is blessed with the buying and selling of specialty products gathered from around the country.

But on other hand, with this characteristic, buying and selling of slaves become prevalent here.

300 years before now.
During the time Caroline and co. ruled the world, she worked as a maid for the demon king Iburizu.
Caroline was even among the maids who  held a superior ability and spent many leisurely days.

However still――.
The Maou was defeated by the hero which lead to a complete change where humanity began to prosper.
Caroline who was being driven away from her dwelling by humans, again and again suffered from humiliation.

Compared to the humans, there are more demons who have beautiful features.
For that reason,cases where female demons like Caroline,being bought by human nobles and receiving further humiliation becomes the norm.  (Rumanshi:  I think you understand what humiliation implies…) 

Caroline has also caught the eye of 1 slave trader.
Furthermore, what’s worst is that even within Saintbell, there is this notorious trader called Bakuraja Ackerman.

His wrongdoings have also reached the street which Caroline stayed.

He was discovered to be a nothing but a brute who enjoys sexually tormenting slaves.


His deeds have lead to a numerous number of slaves losing their lives.

Being lead to the residence, if one is tied by 《Master Servant Pact/Contract》, his or her life will not be guaranteed.

In the midst of moving towards Saintbell, the rock turtle which was being used to move the carriage began to rampage can be said to be a blessing in disguise.

Normally, it is known that it’s temperament is gentle, and there is no demons like rock turtle which will mindlessly attack the humans but there are times it will step onto sharp rocks leading to trainers unable to control it.

During the time the rock turtle rampage, Caroline took her chances and successfully escape from the turtle carriage into the woods.

“This is bad! As it is, We will be killed by Bakuraja-Sama. That girl! She has not completely recovered from the medication no?!”

The guys are in a panic.
It is known that vampires have better physical ability than others.
By any chance, to prepare for any situation, the guys had given Caroline 『Weakening medication』to lower her status.

Originally, if you are weakened, you will not be able to walk at all.

In addition.

The difference between the guys and her is nowhere near close, for Caroline who had trained herself for the past 300 years to reach her current potential.

“ Chi. If you guys hurt the valuable goods, I do not know what to say to Bakuraja-Sama… But compared to letting her run as it is, it’s worst! Rascals … Set the arrows!”

The guys had understood that if one simply chases, it’s impossible to capture her. Therefore, they one by one shot their arrows towards her.


One of the arrow shot by the guy was stuck onto Caroline’s back.
If it’s just that, it’s impossible to say that it’s a fatal wound but in the next moment, tragedy occurred.
After getting shot by an arrow, Caroline lost her balance and fall down the forest’s slope.
It’s unknown if she will continue to roll off the cliff――

(Please help…. Maou-sama..)

A single thought passed through her mind as she lost conscious. Naturally 300 years back was where the Maou had lost it’s life――

It’s unknown if her prayers got through or not, but――.

From now on, the meeting of Demon girl Caroline Button and Souta will continue the next day.

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