Jobless – Chapter 8

Translator: Yoshiro
Editor: Rumanshi

The Dormitory of the Jupiter Institute ④ To Protect a Friend

I confirmed the other party’s appearance by shifting my sight.


The werewolf guy whom Elisha called as Sail, settles down next to me without permission.

“Someone you know?”

“…..Yeah. We are the same class.”

For someone in the same class, they do not look to be friendly with each other.

Elisha hide his face, and his voice was gloomy.

“You can’t do that, Elisha…. Taking the fact that the transfer student knows nothing, you were actually trying to get friendly with him?”


What’s with this guy?

Just when he interrupted our conversation, he started making such obvious sarcasm.

Why is Elisha not making a single complain?

“To get involved with degenerates like you, even the transfer student might be infected by your incompetence, you know?”

As anticipated from the atmosphere, it seems like both of their relationships are the worst.

“Hey~ transfer student, it’s best not to be involved with someone like him?”

While oppressively getting over-familiar, the student by the name of Sail place his arm around my shoulder.

“Since you just came here, you most likely have no idea but this guy….”

“It’s unpleasant, please shut up for a bit.”

“Huh…. E…Eh? …..AAaaaaa, Uahhhhhhhhh!”

I moved myself to Sail’s back and constricted his arm.

(Even his grieving appearance is so unpleasant….)

Due to that, the students in the canteen gathered their sights on us.

“You are so exaggerated from just getting your arm constricted.”

“Aa, Aaaaaaaaaaah, St…Stop… Please Stop it!”

“If you want me to stop, then apologize to Elisha”

After saying that, I constricted his arm even more.

“Uwahh, I.. I got it. Sorry Sorryyyy. I apologize, I will apologizeeeee!”

“Do you really feel that way from the bottom of your heart?”

“Gyaaaaaaa, ple…please forgive me, I was bad, I am sorry!”

Either it’s due to the fear of the pain or really apologizing from the bottom of his heart, it’s really hard to judge.

“M..Mars! It’s fine already! I am no longer bothered by it!”

“Is it? Hey, you better thank Elisha for his benevolence.”

Called upon by Elisha, I reluctantly let Sail go.

“chi…. Even though I call you out of kindness! Damn it! You better remember this!”

“You are such a typical small-fry..”


With an ugly face warped from anger, Sail glared at me, but in the end, he left the canteen unable to do anything.

“No matter how delicious the food is, if there are garbage like him, it’s no longer enjoyable.”

“…..Sorry, Mars. Because of me…..”

Though I have no idea what Elisha is apologizing for, I did said “eating is no longer enjoyable”, so it’s possible that Elisha might have felt responsible for it.

“It’s not Elisha’s fault. Come on, let’s finish the food before it gets cold”


Still feeling bad about it, Elisha smiled frailly.

From then on in the canteen, Elisha was rather absent minded, even if he was spoken to, all he does is nod without much of a reaction.

Even after dinner and returning back to the room, Elisha’s facial expression is still gloomy.

Sitting on the bed, he hid his face, not talking at all.

Since it’s a double-layered bed, I wonder if I will be taking the top one?

(Should I verify?)

I can’t find a topic to talk about anyway, this came just nice.

“Hey Elisha, I can use the top-level bed right, right?”

From what I see, both the top and the bottom bed are all as good as new, without a single stain and crease on them.

“Ah… Un, could it be that you prefer the bottom?”

“No, either of it is fine. Well then, I will be using the top one.”

I climbed up to the top level bed, and laid down directly.

The fluffy feeling is inducing drowsiness.

Likely the sheet has been air firmly, the smell of the sun can be felt.

I feel like just going to sleep just like that, from the comfortness.


A frail sound was heard directly below me.


“Are you not going to ask me?…. regarding what happen just now?”

“I will listen to whatever you want to say. If it’s not, then I won’t listen.”


“You don’t have to apologize, you know?”


“Orh. If it’s words of gratitude, I will just take it.”

Elisha’s voice is starting to return to its original cheerfulness.

I am not sure what happen in this institute, but Elisha is Friend Number One.

If you are feeling there, I really want to cheer you up.

My master also said this.

‘If you make a friend, protect him/her with your life.’

‘If you do that, your friend would also protect you.’

Until now, I do not have anyone I can call a friend or comrades, but right now, I have at least one here.

That’s why if required, I will use all my power to protect.

“Hey Mars, although it’s not due to gratitude, as a senpai, I have an advice for you. After the meal, I know you will feel sleepy and I won’t tell you to do it now, but before the bath is drawn out, you might want to go the bath. It is a common mistake where you realize that you have fallen asleep and can’t go to the bath.”

Now that I think of it, even Lania said that the time for bath is fixed.

It can’t be helped.

Lifting my heavy body up, I came down from the bed.

Though having the urge of just going to sleep like that, I actually perspired quite a lot today.

By no means would I want my classmate to feel that I reek of sweat on the first day.

“Then, I shall go take a bath. How about going together, Elisha?”

“U~n.. Though you invited me, I will go later. I have something to think about….”

Could it be that if he is there, there is a possibility that he might cause some trouble?

(If it’s only that extent, it’s nothing really, but for now, there is no need to force him.)

“I got it. Then, see you later.”

And then, I went out of the room and towards the bath.


* Elisha’s Perspective *


Now that I am all alone in the room, I thought back the trouble I had in the canteen.

(Perhaps I shouldn’t have gotten friendly)

My considerations weren’t enough.

To think I drag in someone who just came to the institute today, into a trouble so quickly.

(….sooner or later, Mars should know… the incident I have caused.)

No, that itself isn’t a problem.

That is getting one’s just deserts, an incident caused by my own immaturity.

But, just because he is my roommate, what if he got into trouble again.

The probability of him getting attacked due to me is not zero.

(…. As I thought, I should have rejected being roommates. Tomorrow, let’s discuss it with Nirfa….)

I believe that this is for Mars’s sake.

(But… I was really happy.)

Thinking back to the canteen again.

This time, nothing bad appear.

The fact that Mars saved me.

Just a bite, just sharing the stew, Mars said ‘I will return this gratitude’, with confidently and without any hesitation.

Thinking that those weren’t his true feelings, but just his own way of lip-service.

I didn’t expect that those words were from the depths of his heart.

(….But, it is wrong.)

Mars did really saved me.

Though not knowing a single circumstance, his movement has no hesitation.

His words has no lie.

(Though I said friends and stuff, the one who look it lightly seems to be me.)

How shameful….

I am ashamed of myself.

At the same time, I decided to make sure to return this gratitude some day.

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