Jobless – Chapter 61

Translator: Yoshiro

A Day that Went Past so Fast


During the short intervals between lessons, Raphie would come sticking to me as if protecting me.

And she would also survey around, watching out the surroundings.

She seems to be mostly shining her eyes to the female students.

Raphie said,


“If I leave you alone, you will end up having other female approaching you.”


Something like that.

Though I don’t think she needs to be so cautious,


“I think Mars has no fidelity towards females”


Since even Eri told me that, I decided to keep my mouth shut.


“It’s normal for a strong male to attract females. Raphie also do not think that it’s a bad thing. However, if you want to be surrounded by other females, please do that after you become my partner.”


I guess she wants me to make her the legal wife.

But, I have totally no intention of getting surrounded by females.

How can I get this misunderstanding cleared?

The twins that were the reason for this, looked at me once in a while, and smiled.

Though the expression didn’t change so much, it’s more of a grin than a smirk.

I think it’s obviously that they were teasing Raphie, but


“You are trying to flirt with Mars-san again!”


Saying something like that, she inflated her cheeks.

Though the break were pretty much busily spent like this, the lesson itself was proceeding without a hitch.

During the Magic Practice lesson, Eri managed to use magic without any problem.

The surrounding students were not able to hide their shock.


“That is the degenerate, Elisha, right?”

“But, she said she was Elisa-san, didn’t she?”

“Could they be relatives?”


Though speculations were flying around, Eri didn’t seem to be concerned and went to training, verifying her ability.

To such an Eri, I was not the only one watching over her,


“Sail, why are you smirking?”


As I called out, Sail’s ears and tail sprang up.


“Don’t be an i,idiot! Who’s smirking?”

“Really? But you looked at east, you know?”

“It’s not like I am at ease! Just that, I thought that degenerate is finally getting back to her original self.”


Saying only that, Sail faced his back to me showing that this conversation will end.

(Getting back to herself, you say…)

Though I didn’t actually see Eri’s figure a year back,

To scorned Eri, who dropped from the top to a degenerate, Sail himself might have something he pondered about.


“…..Mars, would you accompany me with my training again during the elective lesson?”


It doesn’t seem wrong to say that Sail would request that due to being provoked by Eri

The other lessons didn’t specially leave any interesting impression.

And time quickly passed.



Today’s final lesson――it’s time for compounding.

The compounding lesson is held on the 3rd floor, a specialized laboratory used for compounding.

Eri and Raphie call this the Compounding room.

Contrary to what kind of a special room it is, it was a normal room where tables and chairs for the students are placed.

If there is any differences to normal rooms, that would be:

  • 5 pieces of medicinal plants.
  • Essence of Life herb.
  • Glass bottle
  • Water

Compounding tools and materials were left as a set on the table.

As seemingly the seats aren’t fixed, I sat right across Eri, with Raphie sitting next to me.

As it is a table for 6 so there are three vacancies, Eri’s sides were the twins though.

Sail ended up sitting next to Raphie.

If we are going to say why it end up like this, the other seats were pretty much filled so Sail and the twins that came late doesn’t have much space to choose from.

Raphie made a complicated expression, making a “へ” figure with the mouth,


“Werewolf guy, I won’t forgive you if you do something ecchi to Raphie.”

“Why would I!”


Quarreling with that feeling, both their ears were standing, while they intimidate each other.


“These seats are noisy”

“We pick the wrong ones.”


The dark elves twins were on their own pace.


“Mars, have you done medicine compounding before?”

“No, it’s my first time.”


Eri and I were having a small idle chat.

Even though I say that, it was really just a short period of time.

Immediately, the instructor have arrived at the compounding room.


“Now then, let’s start with the compounding of the high potion.”


It is the instructor in-charge of the compounding lesson, similar to the Pharmaceutics, the hobbit, Sumina.


“I do not think that any big incident is going to happen during the compounding of a potion, but if you feel that it’s dangerous, please tell me immediately.”


With the gentle and kind voice of Sumina, the lesson started.

Everyone started compounding.

I also decided to try doing it.

Firstly, place the medicinal plants into the glass bottle.

As the top of the glass bottle was as narrow as a tube, I bent the medicinal glass to insert it in.

While the bottom of the bottle is circular in shape, I poured lots of water into that portion of the bottle.

After that, I fixed the glass bottle above the equipment, letting the bottom hit the fire from the bunsen burner to heat it up.

Though it’s to heat it until the medicinal plants dissolve, it seems like it’s going to take some time unless we strengthen the heat more.


“Instructor Sumina, how much heat can this glass bottle withstand?”

“As we are using a special bottle used specially for compounding, as long as it’s not immense temperature, there shouldn’t be a problem.”

“Can I try intensifying the fire using magic?”

“Trying such things is also the epitome of compounding, I believe.”


Sumina said only that, and floated a smile.

She wouldn’t tell me.

Try experimenting it, is what she wanted to say I guess.

I decided to use magic, taking advantage of the bunsen flame.

I send in magic power, imaging about 5 times the fire strength of the current one.

And then, the intensity of the flame coming out of the bunsen increased.

It was a strong flame that wraps around the glass bottle.

If that’s the case even the medicinal plants would dissolve soon――was what I thought but,


A sound like that was made, and the glass ended up cracked.




I didn’t intend to create such a strong flame though.

I put out the bunsen flame in a hurry.

Water started pouring out.


“…..oh, did it cracked?”

From Sumina’s expression of looking at that state, I can feel bewilderment from it.


“Mars-kun, to what level of temperature did you make the bottle make contact with?”

“…well, it’s pretty much 5 times the previous temperature though?”

“That’s weird. If it’s that much, it shouldn’t crack though…”


Currently, the reason is unknown.

However, at that instant the bottle crack, water started leaking out, what’s left is the medicinal plants left in an incomplete state of dissolving.


“Originally, I would like you to re-do the compounding but, I wasn’t expecting the glass bottle to break. Though I had prepared extra medicinal plants, the glass bottle, being special compounding tools, that I have prepared were equal to the number of people present. So I am sorry but Mars-kun, please observe the other student’s experiment.”


Though Sumina apologized with a downhearted expression, it’s not like it’s her fault.

I was the one who spoiled it and it can’t be helped if there isn’t spare tools.

During the remaining time, I stared at Eri and the other’s experiments, who were sitting next to me.

Though the water volume and fire temperature varies among themselves, everyone was basically following the pharmaceutics book diligently.

The amount of water and the status of when the medicinal plants is inserted were not recorded concretely in the pharmaceutics book.

Though quality of ingredients and the day’s temperature and humidity might be related, there were many vague points.

Those might be something that you remember by repeating the compounding again and again.

After dissolving the medicinal plants, the bunsen flame is put out and the essence of the life herb is mixed in.

Mixing the medicinal plants with life herb seem to increase the stamina recovery.

Unlike having a big leaf for the medicinal plant, the leaf of a life herb is small.

The essence that was extracted from such a herb is left on the table.

The extracted essence has a color of pale green.

That essence is mixed in with the glass rod.

What’s left is to wait for it to cool down.


“Now then, the lesson on compounding has ended. After waiting for it to cool down, the high potion should be completed. Of course, though I think there will be more people who failed, that cannot be helped. There are, after all, no one who do not only succeed without failure.”


Seems like the verification of the compounding in this lesson is postponed.


“For the next lesson on Pharmaceutics, it would not be in the classroom, so please come to this room. Let’s verify the results of everyone’s compounding.”


The lesson on compounding ended with Sumina saying that.

With that, all lessons today are over.

Now――it’s finally after school.

Since I have that promise with Alicia, I guess I should go over to the student council room.

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