Jobless – Chapter 13

Translator: Yoshiro
Editor: Rumanshi

First Day of Lessons ③ – VS Elisha


* Elisha’s POV *


(Just one hit and Sail is….)

I am doubting my own eyes.

Though Sail is, by no means, outstanding in his results,he is still the upper tier within the group in terms of purely combat capability.

The fierce attack that make use of the werewolf’s physical ability is also on the level that can get the senior students into a close fight if they do not fight properly.

The normal humans, unless magic were used to enhance the muscles, would usually be too occupied just following his movement.


It’s to that extent that the difference in physical abilities that both human and werewolf have when they are born. Moreover, the last attack Sail unleashed was one with his body enhanced with magic.

(And yet…..)

Mars have not taken a single hit, and won just with just a single blow to Sail.

(If I were to fight,….)

Trap within the surrounding students, Elisha could only gaze dumbfoundedly at Mars, who is getting a inquiry barrage for some reason.

Slowly, there is a vexing feeling growing within the chest.

If it’s Elisha, then he would be really taken down in an instant.

The combat capability of Elisha now is below Sail.

It might be faster to count from the lowest rankings of the institute.

No, if… even if I retrieved back my original power, I will most likely still be unable to beat him.

(Perhaps compared to whoever in this institute, Mars is..)

I ended up wanting to know the secret to that strength.

(Since I have to become stronger no matter what…)

Elisha has an aim.

And for that aim, it’s necessary to have an overwhelming strength like his.

(After returning to the room, let’s try asking him. What kind of training did he went through? …. If his strength is due to talent, I….)

Watching Mars who still in the midst of the cheers, Elisha made a certain resolve.


* Mars’s POV *



As I was enveloped within the cheers, I was attacked by the surroundings with questions altogether.

“Did you enhance your physical ability with magic?”

“You are a human right? Could you be of a different race?”

“Why are you able to dodge the attack so accurately?”

“Though you didn’t use the magic gem, do you not use weapons?”

“Before the transfer, where and what have you been doing?”

And the likes of various questions came one after the other, causing me to be so bewildered that I couldn’t answer a single one of them.

“Everyone, Mars is troubled. ”

From the midst, a carefree voice can be heard clearly from the tumult.

When the surroundings face towards the direction of the voice, the master of the voice was the rabbit folk girl.

The small build rabbit folk girl was trembling her long white ears, *piku piku*.

And as she used her reddish gem-like eyes to stare at me, she smiled widely and,


“Uhm.. Mars-san”


“I have fell for you at first sight. Please go out with Raphie!”


As if using the words of the girl called Raphie as a cue, the surroundings’ tumult got even worse.

From the guys,


“Wh.. WHAAAAAAAAAAT!!!!!!!!?”

“Our Raphie-chan IS.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“Damn it! That transfer rascal, shall we ambush him!”


From such improper audacious scream,


“Has Class A finally have an established couple!?”

“There hasn’t been such frivolous talks after all.”

“It can’t be helped in a competitive society.”


To the females’ yellowish shrieks and many more.


“To go out, does that mean to go out as lovers?”

“Yep. Is that no good?”


I observed the appearance of the girl who is gazing at me with upturned eyes.

The slender looking small build of hers simply doesn’t look like one who aims to become an adventurer.

Due to the wavy long white hair and her snowy white skin, she seems to have a weak constitution.

Her *Kira Kira* glittering garnett-like red eyes is as if eagerly anticipating for my answer.


“Uhm.. What would be the answer?”


She inquired again.

My answer would be――


“Hey you guys! You guys know that we are in the middle of the lesson, right?”


My answer ended up being postponed from Lania’s roar.


“Is there anyone who wants to fight Mars?”


As Lania surveyed the area, no one answered.


“Then, the special lesson will then end here, is that fine?”


Though everyone has no objections, I am bothered by one thing.

It’s Elisha. Since just now, Elisha has been staring towards my direction.

Is he holding a grudge from not being able to fight with me?


“Elisha, if it’s fine with you, am I okay with having one more fight, you know?”

“….hn? Ah…”


Until the call out was over, Elisha seems to not have noticed that he was called upon.

With that look, it doesn’t seem like he was regretting from the fact of not being able to fight me.


“I understand Mars’s capability. It doesn’t seem like I would be able to beat you….But…. since it’s such a opportunity, is it fine to have it?”


“And I have also one request. Though it is likely beyond means, in this fight, I wish that you would not hold back. Fight with your full strength….!”


In regards to Elisha’s sincere look, I couldn’t say no and,


“I got it. I will fight my full strength as much as I can, if you are okay with that.”


Though it became a rather vague request, since it’s just a practice and not a deathmatch, I can only make a promise of that extent.


“I am fine with that”


As the magic gem in the hands shined, Elisha move into a stance with his short sword.

Though the protector are light armor, they were equipment that you can associate with a knight, the silver armor that has beauty that attracts the eyes, the gauntlets on the hands and the greaves on the legs.


As expected, without a surprise attack like Sail,


“Can we begin?”


Towards my words, Elisha nodded, and it became the start of the fight.


* Elisha’s POV *






From right in front of me, Mars’s appearance vanished.

At least, he seems to have vanished from my eyes.

It’s not that I released my sights from him.


In that instant I searched for Mars’s appearance――Gakku――my vision swayed.


As my conscious is falling into the darkness,

(I am really weak……)

I am vexed on how weak I am.


* Mars’s POV *


I supported Elisha’s body firmly which was bending down as it falls.

The conclusion was instantaneous.

Without a single battle advice like in Sail’s battle, I ended the battle with the least amount of moves just for the sake of taking down the opponent.

The action I took was just to drive in a chop when I am approaching and for just that, everyone was dumbfounded.


“Well, that’s about it.”


I could hear Lania’s voice that seems to be murmuring.


“In that case, the special lesson is over. The remaining time will be self-study. After that, please return to class and prepare for your next lesson.”


Announcing the end of the lesson, Lania approached the side of Sail who is still unconsicious, and


“Umm, I believe it’s about time you can wake up…..”


She shook Sail’s body.

It’s a treatment that you really would not think an instructor in this institute would do.

But, because of that,




As if hopping, Sail raised his upper body up.

Seemingly unable to understand the situation, he was confirming the state of surroundings by turning his head left and right.


“I… I…”


Towards the confused voice of Sail,


“The special lesson has ended. Until the next lesson, it’s self study. If you are feeling bad, go to the medical office and rest.”


Lania conveyed that the lesson has already ended.


“Mars, carry Elisha over to the medical office.”


“If it’s fine, shall Ralphie guide you?”


Since the rabbit folk girl suggested it,


“Then, please do.”


I thankfully accepted the suggestion.


“Okay, then shall we go?”


Like this, we left the battle drill room.

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