Isekai Cheat – V2C6

Episode 6 Adventurers Guild

The time is 4pm.
I was headed towards the adventurers guild……..
“Onii-chan! How about a spit-roast?! It’s only 30 pal.”
“Then, I’ll take two.”
“Thank you for your patronage.”
Mngmng, yes; Delicious!
I turned back around. By the way, the currency in this world is 『Pal』. In addition, the money goes like this Stone coin → Large Stone coin → Copper coin → Medium Copper Coin → Large Copper coin → Silver coin → Medium Silver coin → Large Silver coin → Gold Coin → Medium Gold Coin → Large Gold Coin → White Gold Coin → Next. Their denominations are 1Pal → 10 Pal → 100 Pal → 500 Pal → 1000 Pal → 10000 → 50000 Pal → 100000 Pal → 1,000,000 → 5,000,000 → 10,000,000 → Pal 100,000,000 → Pal 1,000,000,000 Pal.
If you change it to Yen it goes like this

As I was walking and eating I suddenly saw a signboard with a shield and three crossed swords… It was the adventurer’s guild.

Should I say this is pretty much a template?

“It’s unexpectedly clean and good looking.”
The inside was fairly crowded. I went to the receptionist who only had a single person in front of her.
“Oi, that fellow went to Rosa.”
“Are you serious? Doesn’t he know no one who’s sane will interact with her?”
“Isn’t this pretty bad for that kid?”
“If you think so then go and stop him.”
“N~oo, I don’t wanna get involved.”
What are these fellows talking about?
“Excus’ me. ” (tl: Kansai dialect.)
“Welcome to the adventurer’s guild. How may I help you?”
Her voice is beautiful, not only that, she herself is a beauty. Those guys must have just been gossiping about her.
“I came here to register, also I’d like to meet with the Branch Chief pl-”
“Move your ass you damn kid! You’re talking to my woman (or she will be) ya’ know!”
“A a , what’re you sayin ossan, you pickin’ a fight?!”
Oh crap he snapped, Ah well nothing for it now~
“Bastard, you even know who you’re pickin’ a fight with?! Huh? Come on, I’ll kick your ass!”
“Like I give a damn, think about what comes from your mouth before you say anything you old bastard.”
“The hell was that?! I’ll KILL YA!!!”
“If you’re gonna try something then come at me ya tiny bastard!”
“Don’t screw around with me you little brat!!”
Ah~ ah now he took out his weapon. Well I guess now it’s legitimate self-defense so it should be fine.
“DIE BRAT!!!!!!”
“Sigh” Snap!!! Booom!!!!!
(Aah crap I overdid it.)
Let’s go over what happened,
The old guy started to slice→I dodged→the old guy gets his body kicked→the old guy feels the impact on his bones→the old man flies away→he crashes into the wall→the wall breaks→he flies straight through the wall.
And that’s how it went.
“So, does anyone else want to try?”
Everyone’s face went pale. I’m kinda sorry but I came here to register.
“I’m sorry, but could you call the Branch Chief t-”
“What’s all this noise about?!”
Some kind of tough looking old guy came out from the back.
“Oh Branch Head! Actually (explains)”
“Is this true Barton?”
Is that guy the Branch Chief? Why is he coming towards me?
“Are you the one who did that?”
“Nope, not me”
“Don’t lie to me.”
“No, it wasn’t me who broke the wall it was that old guy. It wasn’t me. Ah, but the one who sent the old guy flying was me.”
“Aah I got it”
It looked like he understood. Oh yeah I still hadn’t given the branch head what I needed to.
“Branch Chief, here.”
“Hm, This is?”
“It is a recommendation from the Earl Shelben.”
“From Hans?”
Calling him without honorifics? Are they close?
“Nn? This is……Akatsuki-kun I’m going to need you to come to the Branch Chief Office.”
“Yeah, before I go can I fix the wall?”
“Can you fix it?”
“It’s simple. {Restore Renovation}
“OOoooh you fixed it.”
After using restoration magic to fix the broken wall, I and the Branch Chief left together.

As soon as we entered the Branch Chief’s room I was asked to describe what had happened, and so I told him the circumstances….
“So you mean to say Lily-ojouchan didn’t get hurt!!?”
Is what he says… by the way this is the fifth time he’s asked me the same thing…
“Chief, I’d like for you to settle down please.”
The reception lady from before (Her name seems to be Rosa Barton) asks the Chief to stop.
“Ah that’s right. Well Akatsuki-kun, this letter nominates you to receive a rank of ‘A’. I also think that should be fine, but there is a problem.”
“You mean the other adventurers?”
“Not really, they should be fine. The guy you just fought, Dust, was a B rank but you beat him really easily in front of everyone so I think you’re fine.”
“Theen, what’s the problem?”
“It’s the nobility.”
“The nobility?”
“That’s right, if there is a Rank A youth such as yourself around the nobility would swarm like ants.”
“Oh it was something like that. Well, I’d be fine with whatever.”
“Really? Well if it’s fine with you.. Then I’ll be registering you, is that alright?”
“Barton, go get the black steel plate.”
“Akatsuki-kun before you register we need to test your basic magic attribute with a magic item, can you send your magic power into it?”
He said this as he took out a crystal.
“So I just have to put my magic into this right?”
“Yep, then we’ll know your aptitude.”
“Alright I got it. Here goes…”
As I poured my magic into the crystal, it began to shine with a rainbow colored brilliance. The Chief quietly whispered “This can’t be real” while he stared in shock.
“I’m sorry, can I stop now?”
“So, what do I need to do next?”
“Now we carve your name into the plate. Then once we put a drop of blood on the plate the registration is complete.”

When I finished the registration I got an explanation. The plate updates itself automatically every day at noon. If you use a drop of blood it can be updated at any time. Your name, sex, age, rank, and monster subjugation are all recorded on the plate. I got an explanation of some other things like an item which can verify monster subjugation at the guild, but I soon left the guild.
Akatsuki Yuuki
Sex: M
Rank: A

Monster Subjugation:  ■■■■■■■


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  2. Seinvolf

    Thank u always for ur great work…

    This one didn’t hold back their action but still can hold back their power…

    Btw, I forgot to ask it, this:
    Monster Subjugation:  ■■■■■■■
    Are the blank is intended or the guild system can’t detect it?


  3. Shyboy

    Thanks for the chapter.
    I just hope to see the author using coins more than the currency, as a brazilian it’s a bit offensive. The word “pal” sound the same as “pau” that in many cases means dick, so this currency it’s like reading 1 dick, 10 dicks, 10000 dicks etc.

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    “Onii-chan! How about a spit-roast?! It’s only 30 pal.”
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