Isekai Cheat – Volume 2 Chapter 2

Episode 2 Encounter and Journey 2
“Y, yes. I’m alright.”
“Is that so? That’s good.”

Something about her face is red. Is she alright?”

“U, uhhh. Thank you for helping me. I am Lily Eru Shelben. Please call me Lily. Could you tell me your name? “
“N? Ah, I am Akatsuki. Akatsuki Yuuki. Call me Akatsuki. Please take care of me.” (tl: Yoroshiku)
“Please treat me well.” (tl: Yoroshiku onegaishimasu)

Lily, if my guess is right, is probably the daughter of a noble.
Ah, the person wearing butlers clothes has come.

“Ojou-sama, are you alright?” (tl: Ojou-sama – Young lady)
“Akatsuki-san, Please wait a bit.”

“Old man, did something happen?”
“Yes. I want to hold a memorial service for those who died but………
“There is such a thing, but…… I have no magical power.”
“So, is it?”
“Is there a potion?”

They want to hold the memorial but without magic, can it not be held? I could do it. I’ll try asking.

“Hey, how do you do the memorial?”
“………Akatsuki-san. For the mourning, you say the words of mourning, perform the cleansing and then the burial. But….. In this case, we burn them. Nobles perform it using synthesized magic of the light and fire attributes.”
“Do you not use ‘Holy’ magic?”
“Because only saints from the land of the gods or saints from the royal capital Haburuku can use holy magic.”
“Is that so. Then, there won’t be a problem if I perform the memorial thenb?”
“Yes. Could I ask you to?”
“Leave it to me.”

I gather the corspes into one place.

“Thou, light of warmth and healing, giveth piece 《Blaze of Tranquility – ‘Flames of Piece’ 》

Holy magic and fire magic creates synthetic magic 《Flame of Peace》. I use this spell to show my respect to the knights who fought until the end. I also chant.

“This is………”
“It’s over.”
“Y, yes. Thank you.”
“You’re welcome.”

Well, I can go now?

“Well then, I’ll be going.”
“Ah, please wait.”
“Uhh, where are you going?”
“To Taruka.”
“Then, want to go together?”
“It’s fine but………”
“Then, does old man have anything disagreeable to say?”

Lily said so turning towards the butler. Or rather, she walked?

“Old man, Akatsuki-san………”
“He’s trustworthy. Even so, Ojou-sama, in the battle a little while ago, the horses were killed and the carriage was destroyed too. It’s a walk on foot from here on.”
“I understand. Can we leave now?”
“Yes, it’s possible.”
“If that’s so, let’s go tell Akatsuki-san.

“There is no horse or carriage? It will be hard for an injured person. A saw in the battle before, a knight broke his foot.
I have no choice but to do that.

“What is it?”
“We will be departing soon.”
“I understand. But I have a proposal…… Is it good to use a magic item that I made?”
“It’s fine, but what kind of thing is it?”

After 15 minutes, we decided to leave.

“Then, I will be taking out the magic item, so please stay away.”

I take out the 《Magic-powered Four Wheel Drive vehicle》 from the item box. The size of the minivan was 2

“Akatsuki-san, what is this?”
“This? This is 《Magic powered Four Wheel Drive vehicle》, the magic item. Well, first off, get on.”

I confirm that everyone was on and then start the 《Four Wheel drive 》。
For the startup, magical confirmation – fingerprint verification is needed. When the procedure is finished.
“《Magic powered Four Wheel Drive Vehicle》 start. Good morning, master.”

“And, a voice sounds. This car has a pseudo-AI. It will automatically go to place that I’ve been once. It can also identify monsters and inform me of them.

“Now then, shall we go?”

The trip which should take 3 days when walking took 3 hours.

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