Pokegod (OWMB) Update

Hey everyone, releases are going to be a little sporadic for a while. I just got promoted to a full-time position at work, and we just entered our peak season, which will end around Christmas, so I have been and will be pretty busy. I am going to keep working on translating, I’m just going to have less time to spend on it until things settle down at work, so I’ll just release chapters whenever I manage to finish them and try to do it as regularly as I can.

8 thoughts on “Pokegod (OWMB) Update

  1. BakaGrappler

    Sounds good mate. Have fun with it. If you can turn work into something fun, then you’ve conquered the world.


  2. dipandchip

    thanks for the update, can u update ur chapter list of the series since it stopped in the 30’s? would be helpful for rereaders



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