Release Schedule – THWAFG

I said I’d release the planned schedule, here it is.


8th of September:  V2C4, V2C5, V2G2, V2C6

15th of September: V2C7, V2C8, V2C9

22nd of September: V2C10, V2G3, V2C12

29th of September: V2C13, V2G4, V2C14

9 thoughts on “Release Schedule – THWAFG

      1. Dark Jackel

        You’re talking to someone who can only finish writing one chapter in two weeks, if that… Trust me, compared to that you’re plenty ambitious. 😉


  1. Yoh

    Just asking my friend but you do know its a day over on the chapters and the release schedule you have promised are you ever going to keep your promise


    1. Rumanshi Ichigo Post author

      Sorry mate >.> Just to be clear: Schedule != promise. My promise was to have all the chapters out by the end of the month. The schedule is just meant to keep me on top of things. The promise of all chapters being out this month will still be kept.



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