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Ruman’s Shelf: ~Second Episode~

Ruman’s Shelf: Late this week, will be better next time >.>

Other World’s Monster Breeder:  Being translated by Jason, currently.  Just posted the last chapter of volume 1.

Jobless:  Currently being translated by Yoshiro.  Has been consistent in posting.  I may try and do a chapter myself.

Shinka No Mi:  A chapter will be edited and prepared for a Monday release.   (For Raising The Dead)

The Harem was a Forced Goal:  Volume 2, Prologue (2) is half written as is Volume 2, Chapter 1.    Prologue (2) will be released on Monday, 27th.  Volume 2, Chapter 1 will be released on Friday 1st, Volume 2, Chapter 2 will be released on Friday 2nd.  Any more chapters completed will be released until the 7th, where the mass release of THWAFG will be stopped and returned to normal schedule.

New Schedule: 

Monday –
Tuesday – The Harem was a Forced Goal
Wednesday – The Harem was a Forced Goal
Thursday – Teasers.
Friday –  Other World’s Monster Breeder
Saturday –
Sunday –  Jobless

That’s it.  Next Ruman’s Shelf should be on 4th June.


OWMB (Pokegod) – Chapter 40

Translated by Jason again!

We’ve done it!  We’ve finished a volume of Pokegod!    We got to the end of this one thanks to Jason, after I lost motivation, so send him some praises and thanks!


Pokegod (OWMB) – Chapter 39

Translator is Jason again.  It seems Pokegod release has changed to Friday now.

Exams are over so next up is:  Editing the next few chapters of Shinka no Mi.
Writing a lot of chapters of THWAFG in order to catch up.
Find an easy project that won’t take time.