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Jobless – Chapter 7

Hello! Thanks Rumanshi for posting Chapter 6 last week.

So now, I shall present Chapter 7!!!!!

Are you happy? Are you HAPPY?

Here it is!

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Pokegod – Chapter 19

I apologise.  I’m feeling like utter shit.  Thus, THWAFG is being delayed for a little while.  I’ve gotten around half the chapter written.

However, we have a new addition.

Miss Nomu, is the one who mtl translated this chapter.  She’ll be around for a while~

Because of my negligence in THWAFG, I am offering this chapter as a peace offering.

Chapter 19

Isekai cheat V2C6

Okay, so the chapter was translated by Weslykan.   He probably won’t translate anything else, but at least I was saved from having to do it.  With that said let me have a little rant.
>.>  Where the hell do they get these comparisons from?  1 currency = 10 yen…   NO.   THAT SORT OF THING FLUCTUATES YOU LITTLE..

Oh, and the world has way too many coins.  Get it sorted, guys!