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Isekai Cheat – Volume 2 Chapter 1

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Translator:  Rumanshi

Puns on Leave, so I’m doing it, okay?


Recruitment & Updates

Hey guys, it’s me.  Remember me?  I’m alive!  Anyway, time to startup again.    So, looking for people to help out.

One translator for a secret project.  Contact me privately to find out.  

Other Worlds Monster Breeder:  1 editor (Proof Read).  Just need to check things over to see if it’s okay.

Isekai Cheat:  1 translator.  Will need to co-ordinate efforts with a couple of people.

The Harem Was A Forced Goal:  1 editor.  Will need to check English and a small amount of discussion.

Anyway, I prefer skype for contacting so add me:  Rumanshi.Ichigo

If you can’t, email me at

Machine translators are accepted, of course.