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Other World’s Monster Breeder (PokeGod) – Chapter 6

Link is here. 

Past here, is a comment on Doctor Who’s latest episode.



Man, that was so f*cking predictable that I just wanna cry, y’know?  Anyone else feel this way?



Definite Chapter (Chapter 6) has been delayed until tomorrow, so I can recheck some of the lines by myself, then with another person.  Don’t wanna be inaccurate.  Thanks for your understanding.

Updates – 18/11/2015

Hey there.

So, for now, editing for Raising the Dead and working on Other World’s Monster Breeder will be the work I’m doing for the next few weeks, at least.

Basically, my original works will be put on hold, until my ATAR results come in (16/12/2015), so I can plan out my future.  I’m hoping that people understand this.    Stressing about my future isn’t the best thing to be doing, but while in this sort of zone, I don’t feel it appropriate to write original works.

I will be back writing them, and might work on them every so often, just so that when I come back, I’ll have a lengthy piece to offer everyone.

Thank you for sticking with me until now, and I hope you’ll continue to stick with my writing.  🙂  (But for now, it’ll be translation of Other World’s Monster Breeder.)


Other World’s Monster Breeder (Pokegod) – Chapter 3

I’m hating the new editor for WordPress…   It no longer has the quick internal link feature which I’ve come to love.  This chapter had a lot of help from Fairy, a translator @ Raising The Dead.  Remember to give RtD some love.

Oh, and we’ve decided that referring to this novel as Pokegod is the only way to go.  Pls enjoy, while I suffer a formal later today.