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Quick Update

Hello, no chapter today (I have matters to attend to [And need to write]).

I decided to pay for a proper domain name so it is now ‘’ – no more ‘wordpress’ in the domain!  🙂

Tomorrow will probably be a ‘The Harem Was A Forced Goal’ chapter or a break.

Monday will be a ‘The Harem Was A Forced Goal’ chapter.

Tuesday will be a ‘Modern Day Swords’ chapter.

THWAFG – Chapter 12

It’s a little bit shorter, but it’s a chapter and I told you I was writing again~~~

Don’t be spoiled though, don’t expect a chapter every day…  I’ll try though 😛  <– The chapter.

Like and comment and stuff~  😛

THWAFG – Chapter 10 (v2)

Comment and Like and stuff!  I like interaction 🙂

Well, it’s late, BUT I CAUGHT UP!!!!  Can finally get back to writing the story, rather than editing.  (Though, the editing did help me think of the world and stuff, so I guess there’s that.  So, I might have one new chapter out this week, but then it will be starting my new schedule for November.)

Which will probably be something like 3 THWAFG and 1 MDS chapter.

😀 😀 😀  Sorry it’s late >.>

THWAFG – Chapter 9 (v2)

What the?!?  Chapter 9, done by the day that was in the ETA?  What the, did I eat something funny?  Who knew I could actually be on time.    Ermm….  Chapter 9 has some major edit in it, regarding his age, and the amount of times he’s re-incarnated 😉  Guess I’d better…  Edit the synopsis?  Or something.  Well, good news, is that “Rumanshi’s Lair” is now on Aho-updates!  Patience is a virtue ^.^

Here’s the chapter link:  <– See, chapter?

Other than that, still learning Japanese and stuff.

THWAFG – Chapter 8 (v2)

I kept my promise!!!!!! Praise me!!!! 😛

Well, I now have a phone, so that’s good~  I have an exam tomorrow (Sori~)  I might edit Chapter 9 tomorrow, but the chances of it being done are fairly low (Remember, Chapter 9 is why I started this endeavor~   Afterwards, one more chapter and then new chapters will be released!  Hell yeah!  <– That’s the link.

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Modern Day Swords – Chapter 1

Okay, yeah, yeah. I should be working on The Harem Was A Forced Goal and stuff. I am. This series isn’t reincarnation and I haven’t particularly decided on the genres and stuff. The first chapter is extremely short because, y’know? Short and sweet.  To make it up to you, I’ll have an edited chapter of thwafg tomorrow  (Today <– Autoposting, woops. 😛 )?  Need three comments from different people to make that permanent 😛   Doesn’t matter what page you comment on.    Alrighty, I haven’t written a synopsis?  For this story yet, but it’ll be coming in the next few days.  I just need to tie up so loose ends.  (I dunno, I just wanted to use that expression.)   If anybody is really committed random things appear in the menu all the time~   Because I’m too lazy to work out scheduling pages or something.

Questions about ‘Modern Day Swords’ that I’ll answer right now.


Is the MC OP?

Not yet, but will be nearing the beginning.  Completely contrasting Fei, kay?

Is it a harem?

I’ll come back to you in five chapters.

Why’d you start writing this?



F*ck you, you suck.  

I know, and I apologise.  Please forgive me.

Chapter 1