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Din no Monshou Chapter 4 Part B

Looks like someone else is working on Din No Monshou now~

I’m safe from having to look at it ever again! 😛

Raising the Dead Backup Site

Message from Rumashi: “Sorry that I gave up~ Way too hard for me ^.^”

Jammerg55 here, I’ve been following this site for a while now (since I started reading Slave Harem), and decided to start giving back. I’ve been studying Japanese since 2006 but am by no means perfect. I also like to be a bit poetic where the lines allow. It is my intent to regularly release a chapter every Friday/Saturday depending on time zones. I would also like to request one or two translators as well as a proofreader for simple grammatical errors. I’ll take anyone willing to help with those I’d just like to point out that this story is rather difficult to translate, but that being said anyone is more than willing to try. Feel free to send me a message for anyone willing to give it a try and willing to stick with it. At…

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What’s Happening Now?

Hello people~

I ain’t posting a chapter today and probably not tomorrow either.  I might go and edit chapter nine at some point, so look out for a post that announces an updated chapter.   (Not might, I will be editing chapter nine.)   Basically, here’s the deal:

I need to study for HSC exams.  I’ve graduated school, but these exams are what judge whether I can get into university or not by giving me an ATAR.  The higher the ATAR = Better the course I can do.   I want to study international business and a language~  (Japanese  :P), so I need to get a fairly decent one.

On that note, the chapters should be fairly erratic, being one or two every 4-5 days, If I don’t end up:

  1.  Collapsing from studying too much.
  2. Crying over the fact I haven’t done anything.
  3. My medical illness plays up.


THWAFG – Chapter 9

So, if we’re talking about what’s going on, I’ve graduated.  Let’s see what content I can bring out now.  I’m really unsure as to how I’ll do this, as I don’t really have anything I’m procrastinating from anymore.     Perhaps I might do more, perhaps I’ll do less.  Who knows?  All I know is I’ve been playing “Ultimate Spider-man”  and “Minion Rush” on my phone.

Was also catching up on a bunch of anime and continually reading web-novels.  If we add on, I was also watching tv shows such as ‘Between’, ‘Fear of the Walking Dead’ and ‘Z nation’.  So yeah, I guess I was procrastinating from this as well.

Also began writing ‘END:  THEY RISE’, a zombie apocalypse romance story.   No harem in that one, but when I put it out, hope people will read it!  🙂

Link for Chapter 9 of TWAFG if you can’t find it 😛